Heute Morgen um 0:33 informierten die Betreiber des Paraglidingforums alle User in einer E-Mail ber eine Hackerattacke gegen das Forum und Leonardo. Alle User werden gebeten zur Ihrer eigenen Sicherheit Ihre evtl. auch fr E-Mail, Websites .. verwendete Passwrter zu ndern, es muss davon ausgegangen werden die Hacker Zugriff auf smtliche Daten hatten.  Das ganze ist leider kein Aprilscherz. Das Forum ist noch nicht wieder verfgbar, die Betreiber spielen momentan die Daten zurck und versuchen die Sicherheitslcke zu stopfen.
Dear Paragliding Forum Users,

As those of you who have tried to use the forum and Leonardo in the last couple of days will know, we have been the victims of a serious hack.  Without being too technical, a security flaw in phpbb was exploited.

We have no idea who the perpetrator was other than that they used a Ukraine IP address.  This means very little.  We also do not know the reason for the attack, but strongly suspect the target was our database, and the passwords, usernames and email addresses contained within.  Although we are not sure, we strongly suspect that the hacker had full access to our database.
We must assume that passwords, usernames and email addresses are held by someone outside the team and could be used maliciously.

The most important action required by all users if to
if you use the same password.  This particularly important if you have the same username/password combination also.

All users of the site will be mailed a new password in the next couple of days (GUS is working hard on this now, along with increasing security).  Manolis is working hard on restoring the site and we will have is back up as soon as we are confident that we can defend against another attack of this nature.

The only positive news in this episode is that there is no, or very minimal, loss of content from both Leanardo and  Once the site is restored it will contain posts up until 0300 on 27.03.2009, just before the attack.

As a non-professional organisation, working on a volunteer basis, it will take us some time.  Nevertheless, we would like to apologise to all users for any problems this breach may cause.   It has acted as a good clear kick up our own backsides to remember that there are some nasty people out there and all sites and users of the ‘net are potential victims.

The site admins.


P.S 2 This is for real, visit the forum’s page to verify this exact message.

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